Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trend alert: dressing down formal wear

I love buying a new piece to wear to a special occasion.  It feels so good knowing that I have a new stylish outfit that makes me feel confident and fabulous for that specific event.  However, one of the problems I face is that afterwards that piece either sits in my closet forever or is worn a couple more times until it sits in my closet forever.  Lucky for me (and you who know what I'm talking about!) is that it is currently trendy to dress down evening wear or more formal pieces.  This has given my closet new life!  Here are some of my favorite ways to wear this trend using Sevier Skirts that are often purchased for special occasions:

Guilded Age

Guilded Age by kateschriver featuring a longsleeve shirt

 We took our Gilded Age skirt, which has both silver and gold threading and paired it with low key separates.  This would be perfect for lunch by the water or strolling local shopping spots.  We added a breezy chambray button down and a long crisp white cardi with braided sandals and a coral fedora.  For an extra laid back vibe we included a boho drawstring bag and a side braid.

Lucia Leather

To me, one of the hardest things to do is to create a day look with a black leather skirt.  But I've learned that with the right pairings and accessories a leather skirt can look just as casual as your favorite pair of jeans.  We paired our Lucia Leather skirt with a peach tee and tied it up to create that relaxed look we're going for.  We also included a matching lightweight scarf and white sandals.  For an extra pop of color and to keep with the trends we included a bright blue mini cross body bag.  Keep your hair simple with a bun or natural texture.

Collette Floral

Collette Floral by kateschriver featuring gucci handbags

After a long week it's time to relax and give ourselves a little me time.  We paired one of our favorite formal skirts, the Collette Floral Embroidery, with simple separates like a bright white tank and light gray Kimono.  We also included our  glasses for reading our favorite book and simple dark blue lounge sandals.  If we even make it out of the house that day we will take our light blue bamboo handle bag with us along with a to go cup of green tea!

If you have any questions about dressing down your favorite formal skirt you can email me at

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